Square 1 Building Associates & Homestead Construction

Square 1 Building Associates LLC and Homestead Construction are Synonymous

Shane Pollock, the son of a contractor, left a finance position in 2004 to start Homestead Construction. Just over a decade later, the company is recognized as a trusted industry leader. In 2016, Square 1 Building Associates, LLC was formed to better serve commercial and industrial clients. Square 1 continues to do business as Homestead Construction in performing all aspects of residential construction.

Square 1 Building Associates / Homestead Construction has established itself as a leader in a short period of time by forging a reputation of honesty and exceptional workmanship. Shane Pollock and Square 1 have always believed that client satisfaction was the key to their success. The business has been built almost exclusively on client referral, a true testament that the verbiage on these pages is more than just words.

Square 1 Building Associates is here to see you through the complexities of building a custom home, renovating or adding to your existing residence. We work with our clients from initial design and budget through to the finishing touches. Effective communication, including timelines and regular updates, ensures our clients a stress-free and enjoyable construction experience.

At Square 1, attention to detail, maximizing energy efficiency, superior materials and equipment selection is our standard. However, the concept of providing value has not been lost at Square 1 either. We’ve built a long-standing team of accomplished craftsman, designers, suppliers, and sub-contractors to simplify the process, deliver on budget and on time. A client will never experience an unforeseen or extra charge working with Square 1. We also never forget that you have choices in the contractor you select, you and your home are treated with respect by everyone at Square 1 throughout the process.